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Division of Research - Department of Family and Community Medicine
The Division of Research in the Department of Family and Community Medicine supports the generation of research, scholarship and innovations that enhance quality of care for patients, families and communities. It is known for its commitment to facilitate the research development of medical students, residents and faculty members. All members of the Division of Research are actively involved in their own research, serve as mentors in their areas of expertise and participate in multidisciplinary research pertinent to family and community medicine.  

Who We Are: The Division of Research currently has 3 PhD professors spanning expertise in clinical trials, behavioral health, epidemiology and social sciences.  We are supported by a highly trained and experienced group of 4 research coordinators and a biostatistician.
What We Do: The division provides hands on support for Department of Family and Community Medicine faculty and residents, as well as medical students.  We help with research design, methods, analyses, presentations, manuscript development and IRB applications, all of which encourage research productivity in our effort to advance evidence based medicine.

Active research projects involve the following topics and methods:
•    Role of social networks in the physical and mental health outcomes of trauma survivors
•    Implementation of SBIRT across multidisciplinary providers
•    Creation of large clinic registries for retrospective cohort designs
•    Prescription opioid management and outcomes
•    Efficacy of probiotics in preventing AAD
•    Health consequences of mental illness
•    Chronic pain and the interplay with depression and prescription opioids
•    Implementing and measuring impact of wellness communities in medical schools
•    Patient preferences for type of provider relationship in primary care
•    Disparities in access to care and evidence based treatment
•    Health needs of prison populations
•    Disseminating the barriers to care experienced by the poor and underserved

A more in-depth description of the research interests and activities of individual members in the Division of Research are presented in their individual biographical sketches.

Research project details and links to ARCHNet and Research Toolbox

Other Division of Research resources include:
•    Program Evaluation Unit
•    FPIN Help Desk Answer editors
•    Partnership with and mentoring of faculty and residents on research projects
•    Access to clinical data registries and study specific data
•    Multidisciplinary Violence Research Interest Group
•    Family and Community Medicine Clinical Patient Data Registry
•   Active partnership  across Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine and General Pediatrics to facilitate research productivity

 AAFP Foundation Award
With support from the Division of Research in the Department of Family and Community Medicine,  the AAFP Foundation awarded research funding to family medicine residents and their faculty advisors.  The title of the study is “Efficacy of Saccharomyces boulardii Probiotic in the Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea: A Double Blind Randomized Clinical Trial”.  

From left to right, the awardees are:  Dr. Emillia Lloyd (faculty advisor), Dr.  Armida Hidalgo (co-investigator), Dr. Jessica Grimes (co-investigator) and Dr. Christy Tran Klienke (co-principal investigator).


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