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Undergraduate Students - University Health Plan (UHP)

Saint Louis University requires all full-time Undergraduate Students to have basic health insurance.  If a student already has other health insurance coverage in effect, then coverage under the University Health Plan (UHP) may be waived.  Waivers submitted in the Fall are applicable to the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.    

Full-time Undergraduates Students that do not waive UHP coverage must enroll.  Charges for UHP coverage will be billed on one's student account.  Within Fall and Spring semesters, full-time Undergraduate Students that neither waive nor enroll by the end of an Open Enrollment Period will be automatically enrolled and charged for UHP coverage.  

Distance learners as well as Continuing Education and School for Professional Studies students are excluded from the requirement.  Study Abroad students are also excluded since they are required to enroll in either the International Insurance Plan or Sanitas Plan provided through Saint Louis University.

Student-athletes participating in NCAA sports should contact the Department of Athletics to confirm if summer coverage is required for their sport.

Waiver Instructions:  To waive UHP coverage, Undergraduate Students must access secure on-line waiver screens provided by Aetna Student Health, the UHP's administrative partner.  The waiver screens require students to enter details regarding their other (non-UHP) coverage.  UHP waivers completed online are only applicable to the academic year in which they are submitted.

     Spring 2017 Undergraduate Waiver Screens:                Aetna Student Health      ** Open Dec 1st ** 

     NOTE:  If you are not registered for classes, you will not be able to waive online.         

Enrollment/Changes to Plan Elections:  Eligible Undergraduate Students and their dependent(s) must enroll or request changes to plan elections (i.e. drop/waive coverage) within 31 days of admission to a University program, during an Open Enrollment Period or during a Special Enrollment Period.  To enroll in UHP during an Open Enrollment Period, students may access secure on-line enrollment screens provided by Aetna Student Health.  Manual enrollment may also be available.  Eligibility for enrollment is based upon one's current registration status.  Enrollment may be completed in advance of Open Enrollment Periods.

     Spring 2017 Undergraduate Enrollment Screens:           Aetna Student Health    ** Open Dec 1st **

     NOTE:  If you are not registered for classes, you will not be able to enroll online. 

Open Enrollment:  Enrollment may be completed in advance of Open Enrollment Periods.  Upcoming Open Enrollment Periods for Undergraduate Students include:

     Fall 2016:          Aug 15 - Sep 30   Effective date: Aug 15 

     Spring 2017:     Jan 1 - Feb 14      Effective date: Jan 1    (for those that did not waive in the Fall or make a Spring election)

     Summer 2017:  May 21 - Jun 30   Effective date: May 21 (for those that did not waive in the Fall or make a Summer election) 

Special Enrollment Periods:  Special Enrollment Periods are provided when a qualifying life event (QLE) occurs (i.e. loss of other coverage, or acquiring new dependents through marriage, birth, or adoption).  If enrollment or plan election changes are not completed within 31 days of the qualifying event, the enrollment or plan election changes may not be made until the next Open Enrollment Period.  To enroll in the UHP during a Special Enrollment Period, please contact the Student Health Center. 

Effective (start) dates for enrollment within a Special Enrollment Period are based on the actual date of the QLE. 

Continuation Coverage: Continuation coverage, which is a temporary extension of coverage under the plan, can become available when UHP coverage would otherwise end due to a qualifying event.  See the election form below for important details, requirements and rates for FY 16/17 Student Continuation Coverage options: 

     FY 16/17 Student Continuation Coverage Election Forms

Possible alternatives to continuing UHP coverage include commercial health insurance plans and coverage sponsored by the Saint Louis University Alumni Association. Coverage through the Alumni Association's program is available to Saint Louis University graduates.  Click on the link below for details:

     Saint Louis University Alumni Association Insurance Plans

Recent health insurance reform legislation is designed to expand health coverage opportunities. Click on the link below for details:

Additional Assistance: For additional assistance with issues related to Undergraduate Student enrollment contact the Student Health and Counseling Center at (314) 977-2323.

For additional assistance with Student Continuation Coverage contact the University Health Plan Office at (314) 977-5666.

Page Updated: 01/17/17

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