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Grading Policy

Policy for Grading: BBS 501 and 503

Each Section Director (501 and 503) will report to the Curriculum Committee the letter grade assigned to each student for that section. This will be determined by the consensus of all faculty who taught in that Section. The Graduate School descriptors (page 34, Graduate Catalog) will be used to assign letter grades. Those descriptors are as follows:

  • “A” 4.0 High intellectual initiative and achievement
  • “B+” 3.5 Above average, approaching high achievement
  • “B” 3.0 Clearly acceptable performance
  • “B-“ 2.5 Acceptable, but somewhat below average
  • “C” 2.0 Minimum passing grade; achievement of questionable acceptability
  • “F” 0.0 Failure

The Curriculum Committee will discuss the assigned grades with the Section Director, request clarification if deemed appropriate, and will be responsible for translating the grades for each Section of the course into the final letter grade, based on a weighted averaging of the letter grades for each Section.

Grades for each Section, once approved by the Curriculum Committee, will be distributed to each student individually.

Right of Appeal: If a student wishes to contest the assignment of a grade for any Section, they must do so in writing to the Section Director within 48 hours from the time the grades were distributed. The Section Director may consult with individual faculty before reaching a decision. That decision should be transmitted in writing both to the student appealing a grade and the Curriculum Committee. If the student is unsatisfied with the reasons for the assignment of the grade following the appeal, they may ask to meet together with the Curriculum Committee and the Section Director to ask for one final reconsideration of the assigned grade. In that case the decision of the Curriculum Committee in consultation with the Section Director will be considered final. The appeal of a final grade will be accepted only if a clerical error is made in the determination of the weighted averages derived from each Section. That appeal must be advanced to the Core Director within 48 hours of the distribution of the final grades.



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