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Poster Session - GPBS

Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences Poster Session 2013
2014 Poster Session

Friday, September 5, 2014

LRC 110-111
Posters 1-11
PPS: 1,2,4,9,10
BMB: 3,8,11
PATH: 5,7
MMI: 6

LRC 112-113
Posters 12-22
PPS: 13,20,21
BMB: 11,12,15-17,19, 22
MMI: 14,18

LRC Rooms 110-111
#1 A3 Adenosine Receptor Agonists Reverse Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy through an IL-10 Signaling Pathway in Spinal Cord
C. Wahlman, K. Janes, D. Salvemini

#2 S1P Contributes to the Development and Maintenance of Bortezomib-Induced Neuropathic Pain
K. Stockstill, K. Janes, D. Salvemini

#3 Phosphorylation Regulates TDP-43 Function and Solubility
Yuna M. Ayala, Praveen Subramanian, Erin E. Fey, Binyan Lin, Catherine Knoverek, & Curie Subramanian

#4 Specificity in the projections from the laterobasal amygdaloid complex to the extended amygdala and ventral striatopallidum.
Rhett A. Reichard, Ken P. Parsley, Daniel S. Zahm

#5 Increased PAF production and inflammatory cell adherence to bladder endothelium via inhibition of PAF-acetylhydrolase with cigarette smoke extract
John Marentette and Jane McHowat

#6 CD5 instructs extrathymic Treg development in response to self and tolerizing antigens
Jacob G. Henderson, Andrew Jones, Adeleye Opejin, Cindy Gross, and
Daniel Hawiger

#7 Cigarette smoke increases PAF accumulation, cell motility and EMT in triple negative breast cancer cells
Shannon E. Kispert, Hannah Kuenzel, John O. Marentette, Jane McHowat

#8 A new functional relationship between Ras, vitamin D/VDR axis, and DNA repair factors during senescence
Simona Graziano and Susana Gonzalo

#9 Reorganization of the axon terminations of accumbens ventral tegmental area-projecting neurons between adolescence and adulthood
Leora Yetnikoff, Kenneth P. Parsely, Daniel S. Zahm

#10 Modulation of locomotor activation by the rostromedial tegmental nucleus
Heather N. Lavezzi, Kenneth P. Parsley and Daniel S. Zahm

#11 DNA2 and WRN coordinate replication restart by processing reversed replication forks
Matteo Berti, Saravanabhavan Thangavel, Massimo Lopes, Alessandro Vindigni


LRC Rooms 112-113
#12 Role of BRCA2 in the Protection of Stalled Replication Forks
Denisse C. Carvajal and Alessandro Vindigni

#13 A novel afferent of the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra compacta from the deep frontal lobe.
Deborah A. Roby, Leora Yetnikoff, Kenneth P. Parsley and Daniel S. Zahm

#14 IL-2 immune complex rescues CD8+ T cell tolerance
Lauryn Swier, Melissa Berrien-Elliott, Ryan Teague

#15 Inorganic polyphosphate activates mTOR complexes 1 and 2 in vascular endothelial cells
Seyed Mahdi Hassanian, Peyman Dinarvand and Alireza R. Rezaie

#16 DNA Repair Activities of Mycobacterial RMPs are Defined by Two Alternative DNA Binding Modes.
M. Ryzhikov, S. Korolev

#17 Deciphering inflammation through enzymatic studies of Calcium-independent Phospholipase A2β.
KR Malley, O Koroleva , S Korolev

#18 Functions of Homeodomain Only Protein (Hopx) in peripherally induced regulatory T cells
Adeleye M Opejin, Andrew Jones Cindy Gross, Rajan Jain, Richard A. Flavell, Jonathan A. Epstein and Daniel Hawiger

#19 First description of a null allele of LERP, the mannose-6-phosphate sorting receptor homolog in Drosophila melanogaster
Medina Hasanagic, Eline van Meel, Shan Luan, Rajeev Aurora, Jan Ryerse, Stuart Kornfeld, Joel Eissenberg

#20 Neurodegeneration of the Locus Coeruleus Induces Hypersensitivity in Sprague Dawley Rats
Jillienne Touchette, Gerald Wilken, Daniela Salvemini, and Heather Macarthur

#21 Sexual Identity affects the development and mature function of a defined neural circuit in Drosophila melanogaster
Parag Bhatt, Harsha Swamy, Selma Avdagic, Wendi Neckameyer

#22 Vitamin D Rescues DNA-Repair Defects in Mouse Model of Progeria
Ray Kreienkamp, Martin A. Neumann, & Susana Gonzalo.


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