Saint Louis University Residents’ Association identifies ideas and concerns as they are related to the welfare of Saint Louis University house staff.

We facilitate changes based upon the significant concerns of our residents and fellows. SLURA is committed to enhancing the educational environment for graduate medical education at Saint Louis University, as well as improving work conditions through a team-based, problem-solving approach. SLURA representatives are a liaison to SLU’s Graduate Medical Education Committee.

SLURA sponsors social events and guest lectures on topics of interest ranging from "How to Find a Job" to "Basics of Investing."

Membership and Fees

As a house staff officer at Saint Louis University, you are automatically a member of the residents’ association. No fees are required; support is provided by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Meeting dates and times are announced via email. Contact the GME office for more information or email your SLURA representatives at

2017-18 SLURA Members

  • President: Muhammad Hammami, M.D. 
  • Vice president: Ahmad Al-Taee, M.D.
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Rottler, M.D.
  • Secretary: Aaron Miller, M.D.
  • Event coordinator: Steven Abboud, M.D.
2016-17 SLURA Members
  • President: Roshan Morbia, M.D.
  • Vice president: Muhammad Hammami, M.D.
  • Treasurer: Priyanka Sarihan, M.D.
  • Secretary: Momina Turkey, M.D.
  • Event coordinator: Syed Zaidi, M.D.