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Museums, Parks, and Garden

One of the reasons that Saint Louis is constantly ranked high nationally is due to the many museums and parks that the city has to offer.

The largest park in the city of Saint Louis, Forest Park at 1,293 acres, boasts larger than Central Park at 843 acres.

Forest Park is the home to many of Saint Louis's museums and features. Some of the main attractions include the St. Louis Zoo, the Saint Louis Science Center, the Missouri History Museum, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Muny, and the Jewel Box.

Though these are some of the main attractions in Forest Park, it is also the home of the Dwight Davis Tennis Center, the Forest Park Golf Course, and the Steinberg Skating Rink. The park would not be complete without the vast number of sporting fields and the paved paths through the park taking you past the many lakes and water features.

The Missouri Botanical Garden or "the Garden" is the host of plants from around the world collected by it's founder, Henry Shaw. It is most know for the Japanese Garden, a 14-acre garden that is the largest Japanese garden in the Western Hemisphere. The main attraction and symbol of the Garden is the Climatron, a geodesic dome inspired by the work of R. Buckminster Fuller. The Climatron houses plants in a natural and tropical setting. Every year the Garden is the host of events such as flower shows, live music and special events.

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