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Diversity & Student Affairs The Saint Louis University School of Medicine is committed to the importance of diversity.

We seek to immerse our medical students and graduate medical residents in a training atmosphere that prepares them for the practice of medicine in a multicultural America.

Medical school classes here at Saint Louis University have matriculated students from 10 different countries, as far ranging as Iceland to Haiti and from Brazil to Singapore.

Our classes have students from many different states outside of the Midwest, often between 15 and 20% from the west coast.

As a Jesuit institution we are striving to prepare our physician graduates to serve and practice excellence throughout the communities of the world.

The Diversity and Student Affairs (DSA) is a student centered, student friendly resource center for all students, but with special emphasis on under represented, disadvantaged matriculants. The office emphasizes prevention rather than crisis intervention. Our charge is to support and enhance the academic, educational, and cultural interests of our diverse constituency and to maximize all student abilities in the pursuit of a medical career. 

The Tenets of the Diversity and Student Affairs (DSA) at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine

  • Empowerment - Our office seeks to empower medical students by helping them feel skilled in terms of dealing with multicultural health issues and diverse populations. The student who graduates from Saint Louis University School of Medicine will be comfortable in taking care of all types of patients with particular emphasis and skill in managing underserved populations. We encourage and support the development of the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary in assisting patients to move through the stages of change necessary to demonstrate healthy life style behaviors and successful preventive self healthcare.
  • Global - We will be a global oriented department, which encourages and assists students in finding experiences which contributes to the health of both local and foreign communities. Students, Residents and faculty members will find the Office helpful in meeting their service needs and desires. We encourage collaborations with appropriate agencies to increase student exposure and experiences.
  • Multicultural - The Office of Diversity and Student Affairs (DSA) will contribute to the development of physicians who are truly multicultural having both trained and/or practiced medicine within a diverse community. We encourage culturally competent practice patterns among all physicians and healthcare providers. This is accomplished by the recruitment and maintenance of a diverse training atmosphere fostered by a multicultural faculty and curriculum.
  • Inspiration - The  Office of Diversity and Student Affairs (DSA)seeks to inspire all physicians in training for service and a feeling of urgency to benefit the science and humanitarian aspects of healthcare medicine. This goal should be pursued with compassion and respect for the patients perspective of their illness.

Dr. Railey
Michael T. Railey, M.D.
Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Diversity and Student Affairs (DSA)
Family and Community Medicine
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Phone: 314-977-8730


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