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Hippocratic Oath


Now being admitted to the profession of medicine and dedicating my life to service, upon my honor and before God, I freely make these promises:

  • I will carry out that regimen which, according to my power and discernment, shall be for the benefit of my patients. I will keep them from harm and wrong. To none will I give a deadly drug, even if solicited, nor offer counsel to such an end. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life.
  • I will respect and show gratitude to my deserving teachers and, in as far as reasonably I can, shall teach the science and art of medicine by precept, lecture and other modes of instruction to those who are worthy.
  • My own life and my professional practice I will keep guiltless and right. Even under threat I will not use my knowledge contrary to moral law.
  • I will keep silence regarding that which, within or without my practice, I shall see or hear in the lives of others which should not be made public, holding such things unsuitable to be spoken.
  • When skill or knowledge greater than mine will benefit my patient, I will seek assistance or advice, nor will I refuse my aid or my counsel to other physicians.
  • I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics, social standing, or financial circumstances to interfere with my attending my patient.
  • I will maintain the honor and noble traditions of the medical profession and forward its highest ideals.
  • As long as I shall keep these promises inviolate, may I continue the practice of my profession and be respected for all time. Should I violate them, may the reverse be my lot.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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