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Julie Gammack, M.D.
Dr Julie K. Gammack
Professor - Division of Geriatrics
Department of Internal Medicine
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

At Saint Louis University Medical Center, the School of Medicine is the Institutional Sponsor for all of our Graduate Medical Education Training programs (residencies, subspecialty residencies, and fellowships). The physicians trained in our graduate medical education programs are among this institution's finest. At Saint Louis University Medical Center we are engaged in the training of over 500 residents, subspecialty residents, and fellows in 50 programs throughout our affiliated network of teaching hospitals and other partners. Our Residency Programs and Subspecialty Residency Programs are approved and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and are subject to Board and Subspecialty Board Certification.  Fellowship Programs are defined as: recognized postgraduate research or clinical programs which have not yet had accreditation standard and specific subspecialty board requirements developed. These Programs are approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee of the School of Medicine.



Most of our Programs use the Electronic Residency Application Service and the National Resident Matching Program . An additional resource in evaluating GME programs is the American Medical Association Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access System or AMA-FREIDA is worth browsing. Saint Louis University Medical Center provides an impressive scope of teaching, research, and clinical care that makes postgraduate training here an invaluable preparation for the practice of private or academic medicine. Over 580 physicians and scientists bring together years of specialized training and experience. In addition, we have a supportive community of individuals here who look beyond the technology of modern medicine, primarily focusing on its human dimension. We welcome your inquiry into the resources available to you at this institution and extend best wishes in fulfilling personal and professional ambitions.





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