Due Process

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Any misunderstanding or dispute involving a graduate trainee is to be resolved by and within the clinical departments. The GME Ombudsman is available to assist any trainee through this process. Concerns about systematic and fair application of GME policies and procedures may be brought to the representatives of SLURA.

If a resident or fellow believes, however, that any such matter has not been handled reasonably, recourse is available to administration of the School of Medicine through the Dean’s Office. The Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education or designee will review the situation, meet separately with the trainee and the Program Director, review all Program and performance documentation, and either reverse or uphold the decision made at the departmental level or may recommend to the Dean that a hearing be held.

Such a hearing would be held by a committee of the faculty external to the Program and Department, appointed by the Dean, who may prescribe such rules for the conduct of the hearing as may be necessary. If dismissal is the issue, prior to the hearing the trainee shall be advised of the basis for the proposed dismissal. At the hearing, the trainee shall be afforded opportunity to make such statements and present such evidence as may be desired in reflection of the concerns documented and adverse action recommended. The determination of the committee shall be transmitted to the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, whose ruling on the decision shall be final.

This process is separate, distinct, and in addition to any proceeding associated with the Code of Professional Conduct.

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