Renewal of Appointment

Upon acceptance, the appointment will be in force for the period set forth in the first paragraph of the Appointment Letter. Reappointment for further postgraduate training is not automatic, and the Appointment Letter constitutes no agreement that the trainee will be reappointed to the training program for an additional period. Postgraduate trainees are reappointed only on the recommendation of the residency program director, the concerned department chairman or his/her designated representative, and with the approval of the Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education.

It is a School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Policy that re-appointments to a training program be on the basis of demonstrated progress through the goals and objectives of the appropriate year level of the Program and/or towards appropriate specialty or subspecialty board certification as evaluated by the faculty, documented by the Program Director, and regularly shared with the trainee. Program Directors must provide both training and the GME Office six (6) months written notice of intent to not renew a trainee’s appointment. Graduate Medical Education trainees notified of the intent to not renew their appointment must be allowed full access to due process and the Ombudsman Program.

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