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(SLURA) The organization was designed to give residents a voice in the decision making of the residency programs and practices that directly affect the trainee's education and life while a resident/fellow. SLURA helps guide the decisions that are made about the hospital programs, acts as an advocate for residents in any matters that need to be addressed with specific programs, departments or the hospital administration (anonymously if need be), and to increase positive publicity for our hospital residency programs. There are four (4) resident voting positions on the Graduate Medical Education Committee that are filled by representatives from SLURA.

Professional Liability Coverage Saint Louis University provides professional liability indemnification for postgraduate trainees either through the Saint Louis Health Sciences Center Health Professional Letter of Indemnity ("Letter of Indemnity") or through agreements with affiliated entities and their professional liability programs to cover patient care liability arising out of the trainees postgraduate training program. All postgraduate trainees are responsible for prompt reporting of any potential liability incidents, for example, accidents, untoward results of treatment, quality issues/injuries or dissatisfied patients, as set forth in the Letter of Indemnity. Should there be any indication of potential liability, the trainee shall complete a "Confidential Report for Counsel in Anticipation of Litigation" form and forward it to the Department of Medical Legal Services, Saint Louis University, whose office is located at Saint Louis University Hospital, 6th Floor. Serious incidents resulting in significant injuries must be reported immediately to the Department of Medical Legal Services at 268-5767 or by beeper through the Saint Louis University Hospital operator. Any questions regarding the details of a trainee's coverage or reporting obligations should be directed to the Department of Medical Legal Services.

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