The Graduate Medical Education Committee Purpose

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  1. Establishment of institutional policies for graduate medical education as detailed in the Institutional Requirements.
  2. Establishment and maintenance of appropriate liaison with residency directors and with the administrators of other institutions participating in programs sponsored by the institution.
  3. Regular review (mid-cycle and pre-RRC site visit) of all residency training programs in relation to their compliance with institutional policies and the requirements of the relevant ACGME review committee.
  4. Establishment and implementation of policies and procedures for the selection, evaluation, promotion, and dismissal of residents.
  5. Establishment and implementation of institutional policies and procedures for discipline and the adjudication of complaints and grievances relevant to the graduate medical programs. These policies and procedures must satisfy the requirements for fairness and of due process; they must apply equally to all residents, faculty, and residency programs in the sponsoring and participating institutions. The GMEC must assume an educational environment in which residents may raise and resolve issues without fear or intimidation or retaliation.
  6. Assurance of appropriate and equitable funding for resident positions, including benefits and support services.
  7. Establishment and implementation of policies that effect all residency programs regarding the quality of education and the work environment for residents in each program, including monitoring duty hours and other work environment features as concerns are brought to the Committee.
  8. Regular review of the curriculum for ethical, socioeconomic, medical/legal, and cost-containment issues that affect graduate medical education and medical practices.
  9. Regular review of the curriculum for communication skills, research design, statistics, and the critical review of literature; as well as resident participation in Departmental scholarly activity.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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