Saint Louis University



PGY I Housestaff Orientation 

  June 16-18, 2015

Dear Incoming PGY I Housestaff Member:

Welcome to Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Your University Orientation will be held June 16 - 18, 2015 beginning at 7:30 a.m. daily. Below is an agenda of the day's events. Upon successful completion of orientation, you will receive a portion of your monthly stipend by June 30, 2015 (if you possess a social security card), otherwise you will be paid July 31, 2015. Orientations will be scheduled for our affiliate hospitals sometime during the week of June 15th. More information on those orientations will be made available upon arrival.

Your day will begin at the Learning Resource Center, 3544 Caroline Mall, St. Louis, MO 63104 (Number 15 on the SLU Med Campus Map). You may park in the Hickory East Garage, 3424 Hickory Street, St. Louis, MO 63104 (Number 13 on the map).


PGY 1 Orientation Schedule




Below contains important information regarding your orientation and employee processing. Please read this information in its entirety and fully comply with all instructions.

1. Complete the Section 1 of the I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) which is required by the government for all employees.

A  link to the I-9 eXpress website is provided below for completion of the form. Under the "Start a New I-9" window, The site is going to ask you for an Employer Name or Code, the code is: 10065. YOU SHOULD ENTER 6/16/2015 AS YOUR HIRE DATE.

Once Section 1 is completed, based on your answers, the site will provide you with a list of "acceptable form(s) of identification" to bring to Human Resources on the first day  of Orientation to complete the I-9 process. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THIS PROCESS, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO START YOUR RESIDENCY AND WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAYCHECK. Please complete this process before attending orientation.

Please follow the steps below to complete the electronic Form I-9 through the I-9 eXpress website:

1. Use this link:
2. In the Employer Name or Code field enter 10065, then click Go.
3. Once on the login page you will be required to enter the text shown, for security validation purposes, and then click continue.
4. Complete the designated fields.
5. Provide your electronic signature by checking the box and providing your initials.
6. You will be taken to a new page which states you have successfully completed Section 1 of the Form I-9. Please print this page for your records. This page will provide you with important information regarding the forms of identification you may provide to your employer for the purpose of verifying employment eligibility. Bring the indicated forms of identification (original plus one copy) with you on your first day of orientation.


2.  LOGGING INTO BANNER (must have your banner id to do this): Do this before completing Tax Forms!!!

Please go to and click on "password  management site" to setup your new password. You will need to use the username and default password you were provided with by your Program Coordinator . Once you have reset your password you can log into Banner Self-Service and go to and login for access to your SLU email account.

 Your Program Coordinator will provide you with a BANNER ID (employee ID number) and SLUnet Log-In (this is your email address as well, without the suffix). Your  default password is the (case-sensitive) letters; capital "I" lower case "d" and the last six digits of your Banner ID, for example: Id123456.

  Review your Personal Information Menu items on the New Hire Menu of the Employee Tab.




 YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ENTER THIS INFORMATION NOW; Deadline for completion is June 30th.

Once you have logged into Banner Self-Service (after completing the steps above), select  EMPLOYEE TAB, then select TAX FORMS from the list of items and complete the appropriate tax forms. You are to complete the federal and state W-4 Tax Forms.

Default tax withholding settings for Federal and State withholdings are Single with Zero Allowances. New employees will be setup with those rates of withholding until valid W-4 forms are completed in Banner Self Service. If you complete the online forms close to the time for payroll processing, the changes you make may not become effective until the following pay period. For your convenience and reference, links to the published forms are provided in Banner Self-Service.



YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO ENTER THIS INFORMATION JUNE 16th; Deadline for completion is June 30th. 

Log into Banner Self-Service and setup your "Direct Deposit Allocation" on the New Hire Menu. Please note, the University assumes no risk in incorrect or inaccurate account information completed by the employee. You should check your bank account each payday to verify your direct deposit. The university will only issue payments through direct deposit, unless you are a non-resident alien without a social security number. 


 5.  UNIVERSITY HEALTH PLAN MEDICAL INSURANCE (Please complete before your arrival to Orientation)

The University Health Plan (UHP) is a self-insured health and medical care cost coverage plan sponsored by Saint Louis University. The UHP partners with Aetna Student Health to administer the benefits of the plan. UHP coverage is available to eligible (non-military) Medical Residents and their dependents as part of the benefits provided during GME Training. On-line enrollment for the UHP is currently available at and is required of all new eligible (non-military) Medical Residents. Specific directions regarding how to enroll are presented in the attached Aetna On Line Enrollment Residents Fall 2015.pdf file. Please note that Medical Residents will need to have their Banner ID Numbers and dependent demographic data (if applicable) to complete the on-line enrollment. When enrolling on-line, Medical Residents will be asked to identify the plan term that correlates to their orientation date.

Residents participating in 06/16/15 orientation should select Early Arrival for their Plan Term so that benefits start 06/16/15.

Link to instructions on how to enroll: Aetna Online Enrollment 


In addition, the UHP Office requires copies of source documents such as marriage and birth certificates to substantiate eligibility of dependents

Please bring copies of these source documents to your Medical Resident orientation. Please note your Banner ID# on your copies.

UHP representatives will be on-hand during orientation to accept your copies and answer any additional questions about the plan.

 Additional information regarding the UHP is available at: UHP Health Plan.



If you are a Foreign National, authorized to work in the United States, you will need to contact Brandy Sisson ( in Payroll Services and obtain the appropriate paper w-4's for completion. Your forms will be emailed to you as an attachment, please complete the appropriate form: 

1.  Line 3 is pre-completed, do not change.

2.  Line 5 is pre-completed, and you may not change it unless you are a resident of Canada, Mexico or South Korea.  Tesidents of Canada, Mexico or South Korea may claim 0 or greater (1 or more) withholding allowances. 

3.  All Foreign Nationals may claim an additional amount to withhold in box 6 IF YOU CHOOSE. 

Important Note:  You are responsible for reviewing your paystub in Banner Self-Service and contacting Payroll Services if there are any issues with your tax withholdings.

If you WORK AND LIVE in the State of Illinois, you should have Illinois withholding and NO St. Louis City withholding.  

If you WORK and LIVE in the State of Missouri AND inside the St. Louis City Limits, you should have Missouri withholding AND St. Louis City withholding.

If you WORK and LIVE outside St. Louis City Limits, ou have Missouri withholding  BUT NO St. Louis City withholding.

Based on this information and a review of our paystub, you should contact Payroll Services ( if the above withholding locations are not accurate. 

To help streamline the orientation process,  all foreign nationals must complete the Foreign National Tax Information form (FNTIF) and email the completed form (without signature) AND legible copes of the documentation listed below.: 

  • I-94 Form
  • Current passport (along with copies of ALL US VISA stamps with dates of entry from your current and past passports)
  • Social Security Card or Application Receipt for Social Security Card
  • J-1 VISA holders should bring DS-2019, H1-B VISA holders bring I-797; F-1 VISA holders bring I-20/OPT or Employment Authorization

 Permanent Residents should complete fields 1-11 of the FNTIF as indicated above and bring legible copies of their Permanent Resident Card and Social Security Card only.

Also listed below is a link that will allow you to obtain I-94 card information, as some I-94 cards are being confiscated at different borders in certain countries.

Please print it out and bring it with you if you don't have one, as it is required.




Log into Banner Self-Service and setup your "Direct Deposit Allocation"  under the EMPLOYEE TAB, then choose Pay Information. Please note, the University assumes no risk in incorrect or inaccurate account information completed by the employee. You should check your bank account each payday to verify your direct deposit. The university will only issue payments through direct deposit, unless you are a non-resident alien without a social security number.

NOTE: If you do not have a Social Security Number, you will receive your first paycheck at the end of July. The Social Security Administration requires that you have to be in the US at least two weeks before a number will be issued. The web address to the SSA webpage is:


If you have any questions, please contact the GME Office at 314-977-9853.

Sincerely yours,

Julie K. Gammack, M.D.
Associate Dean
Office of Graduate Medical Education 
Saint Louis University School of Medicine