Saint Louis University

The science of statistics is a window to identifying and understanding effective, efficient approaches to disease prevention and treatment. SLUCOR's interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff and graduate students offer their expertise to researchers at Saint Louis University and other academic institutions, as well as business, science, industry and government clients.

Our team focuses on the following areas:
  • Research planning and design of experiments.
  • Selection of statistical methods.
  • Sample size estimation and power analysis.
  • Statistical model development and analysis.
  • Report development.
SLUCOR welcomes inquiries from researchers who have already collected data and need effective methods for answering investigative questions. Consultations involving statistics should occur in the early phases of research project planning, if possible.

Professional Fees
The Saint Louis University School of Medicine offers financial support for SLUCOR faculty and staff who assist colleagues in solving research design problems and preparing grant applications. External projects and those requiring substantial professional time require additional funding.

For more information about consulting services provided by SLUCOR, contact Dr. Eric Armbrecht, director of SLUCOR Consulting.