Saint Louis University

SLUCOR recognizes the demand for graduate education is increasing and many undergraduate students are motivated to begin their graduate studies as early as possible. In response to the changing educational environment, SLUCOR has launched an accelerated option that enables qualified undergraduates from many majors to complete both their bachelors and masters degrees in as little as one additional year.

The MS in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences, Accelerated Option prepares students for careers in a wide range of healthcare fields. For students interested in medical school and other doctoral training, it will likely increase the competitiveness of their applications. The accelerated option provides a mechanism for students to begin an analytic research career in the health sciences. Students are trained in cross-disciplinary skills for research design and analysis applicable across many sectors of healthcare.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum requirements for the accelerated MS program are identical to those for the traditional MS program. Students pursuing the accelerated option are allowed to complete up to 15 credits of graduate level coursework while completing their undergraduate studies. Upon completion of their undergraduate degree, students apply to the graduate program and are granted advanced standing status based on the amount of MS coursework previously completed.  Accelerated students may pursue either the general concentration or the clinical investigation concentration.

Application Requirements

For admission into the accelerated option, SLU undergraduate students must a Junior or Senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. For specific information on the admission process, or for more information about this program, contact Dr. Leslie Hinyard, Associate Director of Academic Affairs.

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