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Given the changing healthcare environment and the complexities of the healthcare system in the United States, Saint Louis University has recognized the need to train lawyers fluent in the methods of health outcomes research. Clinical policies and procedures, health insurance plans, and health policy at the state and federal levels are becoming increasingly driven by analyses of outcomes data.

By jointly training students in law and outcomes research, the MS/JD program develops healthcare lawyers who are able to account for health outcomes data in preparation for litigation, in assessing a client's compliance with various regulations, and in counseling clients related to liability risk management and institutional policy.

The MS/JD program is offered in collaboration with the School of Law, which is accredited by the American Bar Association.

Application and Admission
Students must meet the admission requirements and be admitted into both degree programs according to the processes of each participating academic unit.  Students may apply to the MS program concurrently with application to the School of Law or following admission to the School of Law; however, admission into the dual degree program is contingent upon admission into both the MS and JD programs.

Curriculum Requirements
Students in the program begin their studies in the School of Law, completing their first-year law curriculum before taking courses toward the MS. In the third semester, students begin their MS coursework in conjunction with their law courses. Nine credits of coursework from the MS program are counted towards the student's JD and 9 credits of JD coursework are counted toward the MS enabling students to complete both degrees simultaneously at the end of seven semesters.  The dual degree program must be pursued on a full-time basis.

Contact Dr. Leslie Hinyard, program director or begin an online application for this program.

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