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MS in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences

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The Masters of Science in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences program is an entirely online program created in response to the current healthcare climate and need for researchers trained in the areas of health outcomes research, health services research, and program evaluation to meet the changing needs of our healthcare system. The MS in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences program offers two concentrations to meet the needs of our students: 1) a concentration in general outcomes research, and 2) a concentration in clinical investigation.  Students in both concentrations complete the core curriculum as well as their concentration-specific coursework.

The curriculum combines didactic and project-based learning and allows individuals to explore theory, develop technical skills and apply this new knowledge to current problems in their field. The courses provide practical expertise in areas such as research design, statistical analysis, drug evaluation/safety, program evaluation, and comparative effectiveness research.

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to generate and communicate evidence in today's complex healthcare environment. The program received approval from the University in 2010 and admitted its first cohort for the Fall of 2011.

In addition to the MS in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences degree, SLUCOR offers a Master of Science/Juris Doctor (MS/JD) dual degree in conjunction with the School of Law, a Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy in Health Outcomes Research (MD/PhD) dual degree in conjunction with the School of Medicine, an accelerated MS in Health Outcomes Research, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Health Outcomes Research.

Program Goals and Learning Objectives

The program's primary goal is to enhance the regional and national workforce with analytical capabilities and expertise necessary to conduct health outcomes research.
Upon completion of the program students will be prepared to:

  • Critically evaluate methodological designs and results from clinical interventions, comparative effectiveness studies, clinical trials, observational studies, economic assessments, and health improvement program evaluations.• Differentiate between common statistical methods employed in health outcomes research and evaluate the appropriateness of statistical methods in the context of the research question and study design.
  • Design a health outcomes study or health program evaluation.
  • Develop a research proposal and demonstrate proficiency in designing and implementing a research project.
  • Manage, summarize, and analyze quantitative data.
  • Effectively communicate study results to both scientific and lay audiences.

Curriculum Requirements

The MS in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences Degree requires completion of 36 credit hours, including a final capstone project. The capstone project is designed for students to implement the knowledge and skills acquired from coursework in a real-world, practical application. Completion of a graduate level inferential statistics course is a prerequisite to the program.

For more information about this program please click here or contact Dr. Leslie Hinyard, program director. 

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