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SLUCOR faculty lead doctoral education in Health Services Research at Saint Louis University.  SLUCOR works with the College for Public Health and Social Justice (CPHSJ) to provide a concentration in HSR to the College's PhD in Public Health Studies.  Faculty from SLUCOR teach HSR courses and mentor students through the dissertation process.  Doctoral training in health services research at Saint Louis University began in 1958 via the Center for Health Services Education and Research, a predecessor to the School of Public Health (est. 1991). A strong tradition of scholarship in the field of HSR has been part of the SLU Health Sciences Center for more than 50 years. 

The PhD concentration in Health Services Research is designed to prepare exceptional students to become independent researchers who will advance our scientific understanding of key clinical and health service issues. Candidates for this program include individuals already possessing graduate degrees in disciplines such as medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, economics, informatics or the basic sciences.

The program provides students with coursework in outcomes measurement, research methods, biostatistics, epidemiology and medical economics, as well as public policy and clinical medicine. Students enter the program with a small multidisciplinary cohort of other Public Health Doctoral students in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Behavioral Science & Health Education, Environmental and Occupational Health, Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness, and Health Administration. This diversity adds tremendously to the doctoral training experience in both the coursework and research components of their training.

The program follows an apprenticeship model where students begin working on research with their faculty mentor their first semester of the program.  Students work closely with the mentor's research team and learn the intricacies of scientific research first hand.  They begin the program in a supportive role for this research and gradually assume more responsibility for the research as they progress through the program.  

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