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ORES 501: Introduction to Biostatistics for Health Outcomes Research (Online course)

This course introduces the basic principles and methods of biostatistics, providing a sound methodological foundation for health outcomes research. The purpose of the course is to teach fundamental concepts and techniques of descriptive and inferential statistics with applications in health care, medicine, public health, epidemiology, and health outcomes research. Basic statistics, including probability, descriptive statistics, inference tests for means and proportions, and regression methods are presented.

Upon completion of this course students will:
1. Possess an introductory knowledge of probability and distribution theory.
2. Understand basic descriptive and inferential statistics including the concepts and principles of research design and statistical inference.
3. Perform and interpret descriptive and inferential statistical techniques including the construction of tables and graphs, t-tests, Chi-square tests, and regression analysis.
4. Communicate with statisticians and other professionals about the planning, implementation, and interpretation of analytic studies.
5. Use appropriate software packages to solve analytical problems.
6. Critically read and interpret published research as well as statistical reporting in the news media.

>> Instructor: Dr. Leslie Hinyard

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