Saint Louis University

This course is an introduction to the design, maintenance and management of data involving human or animal subjects for research and analytic purposes. The course topics will cover types, sources and formats of research data and current health coding systems, working with multiple types of data files, data transfers and basic data management, and summarization and programming techniques using SPSS and SAS statistical software.  The objective of this course is to help students understand, design and utilize health -related databases for health outcomes research and analysis purposes. Students completing this course will have the opportunity to apply hands-on database management skills to design, enter, manipulate and summarize health information.

Upon completion of this course students will:
1.      Understand the complexities of research data found across the continuum of the levels of health research and healthcare.
2.      Create databases to effectively store data from questionnaires.
3.      Read, interpret, and summarize information from secondary data sources.
4.      Read, merge, transfer and manipulate various data formats.
5.      Evaluate accuracy of research datasets by exploring, cleaning, validating, recoding, and summarizing the data sets.