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ORES 521: Foundations of Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

This course explores diagnosis and treatment of common diseases through evidence-based guidelines and algorithms. Organized around ten medical specialties of collaborating School of Medicine faculty, clinical units cover the tools and decision-making processes used in today's practice of medicine. The learning experience incorporates didactic lectures, readings, assignments and quizzes/examinations. Students will learn to analyze clinical decision problems, research emerging technologies, and describe complex medical care issues to patients.

Upon completion of this course students will:
1. Understand fundamentals of the human body's primary organ systems, including anatomy/physiology, disease development and progression, the related detection, treatment, and prognosis.
2. Interpret and assess clinical care guidelines.
3. Explain diagnostic tools and techniques used by physicians.
4. Use valid and reliable reference resources for researching clinical care topics.
5. Demonstrate ability to communicate intelligently and effectively with health care providers and patients about common clinical problems.


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