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Outcomes research's role in an equitable, efficient and affordable health care system.

The Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research translates research into policies and practices that improve health outcomes across patient populations. We see outcome assessment and analysis as a vital part of establishing an equitable, efficient and affordable health care system. Our faculty, students and staff solve complex design and analytical problems in medicine and public health and we are engaged in state-of-the-science evaluations of the services, medications, devices and diagnostics that can optimize individual health and well-being.

SLUCOR's research is organized into five clinical areas:
Organ transplantation
Health care quality

Our scholarly work, and our commitment to influencing contemporary debate in medicine and public health, have helped us emerge as a nationally-recognized leader in the field of outcomes assessment, analysis and policy.

In addition to leading independent research, our team provides professional consulting services to academic, industry, government and nonprofit organizations. We provide guidance on study design, measurement, data collection, data management/warehousing, economic analysis, results reporting, program evaluation, and more.

Our interdisciplinary approach brings together clinical specialists and methodologists in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, scholarly productivity and best-in-class methods. Our human and technology resources are deployed across a diverse set of projects, including program evaluations, clinical trials, quality assessments and epidemiological studies. All of SLUCOR's projects are completed in a supportive infrastructure that includes secure data systems, telephone interviewing, web surveying, medical chart abstraction, document scanning and other critical tools for leading-edge research.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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