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B.S. / B.A. Truman State University (mathematics)
M.P.H. Saint Louis University (biostatistics and epidemiology)
Ph.D. Saint Louis University (public health studies / outcomes research)


• Transplant
• Liver disease


  • ORES 510 Research Methods in Health and Medicine 

  • ORES 512 Practical Applications of Statistical Methods 

  • ORES520 Introduction to Statistics in the Biomedical Science



Paula M. Buchanan, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, SLUCOR

Paula joined SLUCOR in 2005 as a research assistant and since then completed her PhD in Public Health Studies: Health Outcomes Research in 2009. Her dissertation work was on the cost-effectiveness of organ donation and transplantation using private payer claims data and was funded by a two-year policy fellowship grant from the American Society of Transplantation.

Paula provides analytic support for many grants and research projects from sample size calculations to data analysis and interpretation. She specializes in working with large administrative databases such as the USRDS and private insurance claims databases. Currently she is compiling a renal transplant database for Saint Louis University's HLA Laboratory. She is also the consulting statistician for a study on the quality of care of cirrhosis patients at the St. Louis VA. Paula joined the SLUCOR faculty as an assistant professor in 2009.

Selected Publications and Presentations

    1) Buchanan PM, Lentine KL, Burroughs TE, Schnitzler MA, Salvalaggio PR. Liver transplantation cost in the MELD era: Looking beyond the transplant admission. Liver Transplantation Journal. In Press.

    2) Buchanan PM, Lentine KL, Burroughs TE, Schnitzler MA, Salvalaggio PR. Association of Lower Costs of Pulsatile Machine Perfusion in Renal Transplantation from Expanded Criteria Donors. Am J Transplant 2008; 8: 2391-2401.

    3) Krishnan N, Buchanan PM, Dzebisashvili N, Xiao H, Schnitzler MA, Brennan DC. Monozygotic Transplantation: Concerns and Opportunities. Am J Transplant 2008; 8: 2343-2351.

      4) Stirnemann PM, Takemoto SK, Schnitzler MA, Brennan DC, Abbott KC, Salvalaggio PR, Burroughs TE, Gavard JA, Willoughby LM, Lentine KL. Agreement of immunosuppression regimens described in Medicare pharmacy claims with the organ procurement and transplantation network survey. J Am Soc Nephrol; 2006,17(8):2299-306.