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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the FAFSA form every year?

Yes, if you would like to be considered for institutional scholarships or federal student loans. We urge you to complete the FAFSA after January 1. If you have completed a FAFSA in the past, complete a Renewal FAFSA. To complete the FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA, go to

The Saint Louis University federal school code is 002506.


How do I get a Federal PIN number to sign my FAFSA?

To obtain your Federal PIN number, visit

If you are submitting parent information on your FAFSA, your parents may also need to obtain their PIN number.


How do I Apply for University Aid?

Visit our University Scholarships page for information on our scholarship policy and programs.

If my parents are divorced or separated, which parental information do I report on the FAFSA?

If your parents are divorced or separated, report only the information of your custodial parent and spouse if re-married, the parent that you most recently lived with, or the parent that provided greater support during the last 12 months.


What is Verification and why do I need to turn in my tax information?

Verification is a process confirming that the information reported on the FAFSA matches what was reported on the student and parent tax returns. To complete verification, submit a SIGNED copy of the student and spouse (if married) 2013 Federal tax return and the Verification worksheet. Parental 2013 Federal tax returns are required if parental data was provided on the FAFSA. Spouse's information is also required if the student is married. Submit all verification forms to the Office of Student Financial Services.


When will I receive my Award letter?

Award notifications will be sent out after April 15 provided the student's financial aid file is complete. Check Banner Self-Service for missing documents.

How much aid should I accept?

We recommend that you only borrow what is needed for the academic year. To help you determine how much you may need to borrow, we suggest that you create a yearly budget.

I do not have insurance. How can I sign up for insurance?

Students have the option of enrolling in the University Health Plan. For more information about or to enroll in the University Health Plan, contact Alfreda Robinson at (314) 977-5666 or by email at

How do I access the Online Bill Payment Suite?

To access the Online Bill Payment Suite, first log onto the mySLU portal, use your SLU Net ID and password, then select the "Tools" tab, then click the Online Bill Payment Suite link.


The Bill Payment Suite allows you easy access to view your bill and payment history online anytime. Payments can now be made through ACH or by credit card. You can also set up authorized users so that parents or spouse can access your account.

For information about the Online Bill Pay Suite click here.


How do I get a deferment on my Undergraduate or Graduate student loans?



New and Returning Students:

You can either fax or bring in copies of the deferment request form to the Curricular Affairs office located in LRC Room 101. Students must include with the request: name, address or fax number of where you would like the request to be sent. Additional deferment forms are available in the Student Financial Services Office.



Housestaff can either fax or bring in copies of the deferment or forbearance request form to the Student Financial Services office located in Caroline Building, Room 120. Please include with the request: the name, address or fax number of where you would like the request sent. Residents must also either bring or have a current appointment letter on file. Additional deferment or forbearance request forms are available in the Student Financial Services office.

* Housestaff please note that Perkins and Stafford loans are not eligible for Residency Deferments.

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