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Individuals who are not citizens of the United States or who do not hold a U. S. Permanent Resident Visa status are not eligible to receive financial aid. Federal regulations govern aid program funding used by the school and control who can receive financial aid.

In order for Saint Louis University to complete the required documents for issuance of a Visa, several things have to be submitted. The student must document, by a date designated by the school, that the necessary amount of funds are available to pay the costs of education (tuition and fees). The funds would need to be sufficient for the anticipated period of enrollment, normally four years. Documentation of the required amount of financial resources will be recognized by deposit of funds in an Escrow Account with a bank designated by the School.

Upon acceptance into Saint Louis University School of Medicine, the student applicant will receive, by email, the following documents for completion:

  • Escrow Agreement
  • Operational Understanding and Agreement
  • Specimen Signature Form
  • Certificate of Foreign Status (Form W-8Ben) & Instructions

In addition to the required Escrow documents, student applicants must return notarized or certified copies of his/her passport as well as the depositor's passport, Visa and/or Form I-94 by May 15 of their matriculating year, with the Escrow Account established by May 30 for issuance of the student Visa. Original signatures are required on all documents.

Once all documents are received and verified, they will be forwarded to the Escrow Agent who will set up the Escrow Account. Please direct all questions to or 314-977-9845.

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