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PCL Repayment and Deferment


Repayment of the loan, including accrued interest, will be repayable in equal and graduated monthly installments in amounts calculated on the basis of a 10-25 year repayment period.

Once you graduate or if you cease to be enrolled on a full time basis, your Primary Care Loan will enter into a 12 month grace period. A grace period is a period of time between graduation or ceasing to be enrolled full time pursuing one of the health profession degrees listed above and the beginning of your loan repayment. Saint Louis University is the lender of the loan, and your payments will be made to our billing agent, University Accounting Service. You are not required to make payments during the grace period, and any payments made during the grace period before your first interest accrual will be applied towards principal.

The status of all loan accounts are reported to a national credit bureau monthly.


To qualify for deferment you must be performing the specific activity and your account must be in current status. You must notify our office if you feel you qualify for one of the types of deferment or complete a deferment form. The deferment form must be completed and certified by the appropriate official to verify that you were performing the qualifying activity. Certified deferment forms must be completed annually. Deferment request must be completed 30 days before activity.

If the deferment form is for a residency activity, you must indicate your current medical specialty on the form in the space provided. The evidence must include certification by a program official or other authorized official that the activity meets deferment requirements. The school has the right to deny a deferment request if borrower does not comply with the requirements as detailed by the regulations. Borrower must contact the school when completing or terminating the deferment activity

We strongly encourage you to submit the deferment form no more than 30 days before the end of your grace period or previous deferment. Failure to submit the deferment form by the end of your grace period or previous deferment may result in late charges and negative credit bureau reporting.

If you cease to perform the activity for which your account was deferred, you must notify the Office of Student Loans immediately by phone at 314-977-2407 or by email at Your loan payments will only qualify for deferment for the time period that you were doing the qualifying activity.

The table below lists the deferments applicable to the Primary Care Loans:


Length of Time

Deferment Type

No Limit

Advanced Professional Training in Primary Health Care.

No Limit

Full time study in a Primary Health Care program at HPL school with HPL program

2 Yr. Limit

Leave of absence with intent to return full time to HPL school, to engage in full-time educational activity directly related to Primary Health Care.

2 Yr. Limit

Fellowship: must directly relate to the health profession for which the Borrower prepared at the Institution, and is engaged in by the Borrower within 12 months after the completion of the Borrower's residency program. Fellowships must be full-time activity in research, research training, or health care policy. They must be formally established fellowship programs which were not created solely for the borrower.

3 Yr. Limit

Active duty in uniformed service of the United States.

3 Yr. Limit

Peace Corps

4 Yr. Limit

Residency/Internship in Primary Health Care.


Your Health Professions Primary Care Loan will be canceled in the event of your death or total and permanent disability with proper certification.

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