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Armed Forces Scholarships

The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships and Armed Forces Reserve Programs (Navy, Air Force, Army) are programs that support the student while commissioned in one of the branches of the U. S. Armed Forces.


Applicants must be a U. S. citizen enrolled in medical school. The age requirements may be waived depending on the individual and experience.

Maximum Branch Age Limit:

Navy 42
Air Force 42
Army 35


A stipend of $2,178.90 per month (between 10 and 11 months per year) while not on active duty. Reimbursement for required books, supplies, and "single" health care coverage. In addition, payment of tuition by the Armed Service to the school is made.


One year of service for each year of support with a minimum of two (2) years of service, ( three years for Air Force) after graduation.

Contact Information:

To receive further information regarding the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program for both active and reserve duty, contact the following individuals.

SSgt Christopher Holt
Health Professions Recruiter
342nd Air Force Recruiting Squadron
331 Salem Place Suite 250
Fairview Heights, Il 62208
Office Phone: 618-624-3795
Cell: 618-610-0817
Fax: 618-624-6641


SFC Zachary Cunningham.
Center Leader
Saint Louis Medical Recruiting Center
999 Executive Parkway, Suite 203
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
C: 877-719-8889
O: 314-878-7286
F: 314-878-7296
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LT Omega McNeese-Haliburton
Medical Officer Programs Recruiter

Navy Recruiting District St. Louis
1222 Spruce St.10th floor
St. Louis, MO 63103-2814
Fax: (314) 331-5039
Cell: (314) 943-2050
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