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The Everett M. Sugarbaker School of Medicine Scholarship Program

The Everett M. Sugarbaker Scholarship, established by the Everett D. and Geneva V. Sugarbaker Foundation, supports the foundation's Mission of providing primary health care for people in developing countries. Everett M. Sugarbaker was a Saint Louis University Medical student who was dedicated to serving the needs of others and providing medical care. The scholarship was established in his memory to ensure his mission continues at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Fourth year medical students who plan to devote a period of time serving primary health care needs for people in less developed countries, can apply for the Everett M. Sugarbaker Scholarship Program to help fund their participation in this international elective.

To apply for this scholarship complete and submit the following:  

  1. Submit the application providing the specifics about the elective you have chosen, why you would like to participate in this elective; goals you hope to achieve through this international learning opportunity and how you plan on achieving these goals.
  2. Include an estimated budget for the trip. Allowable expenses include travel, lodging, food, vaccinations, etc.

Scholarship awards will be up to $2,000. The award will reimburse your allowable expenses.

The application is due by September 23, 2016. A decision on the scholarship will be announced by mid October 2016.

2016-2017 Sugarbaker Application

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