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Tuition Policies and Satisfactory Academic Progress


Medical students at Saint Louis University School of Medicine who progress through the curriculum in the usual manner will pay four years of tuition, which is billed twice annually.  There are several payment options that students may utilize.  For more information on these options click here.

All medical students are expected to comply with the University’s tuition payment schedule as published on the student financial services website and listed on the billing statement. Any student who fails to meet the University’s announced deadline for the initial tuition payment will be subject to a hold being placed on their student account as well as incur finance charges.

All medical students must satisfy the University’s registration requirements in a timely manner as a condition of continued enrollment in the School of Medicine.  Graduating students must satisfy all tuition and other financial obligations to the University before their degree will be conferred, i.e., health insurance, etc.  Students who either withdraw or transfer must also satisfy all tuition and financial obligations to the University prior to the finalization of the changed status.  Outstanding tuition balances remaining at the end of the academic year must be paid in full no later than June 1 of each year.  Any outstanding tuition balance or other financial obligation remaining after that date may prevent the student from registering and beginning the next academic year.  

In addition to completing the prescribed curriculum, School of Medicine policy stipulates that all students will pay no less than four full years of tuition (eight semesters) in order to graduate.  Transfer students must have paid full tuition for every academic year in attendance.  In special circumstances it may be possible for a student to complete the required curriculum in fewer months than is customary.  Any accommodation to an individual’s personal preference and situation, however, does not excuse such a student from paying the required full tuition.


Students who matriculate, assessed tuition, and then withdraw from the School of Medicine may be refunded a portion of the tuition.  A student may withdraw up to the end of the second week and be refunded 100% of the tuition charge; up to the end of the third week 90%; up to the end of the fourth week 80%; and, up to the end of the fifth week 70% of the tuition charge; at the beginning of the sixth week no tuition will be refunded.  

Saint Louis University School of Medicine Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy

Federal law requires that all students receiving financial assistance from Title IV and Title VII funds maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Satisfactory academic progress occurs when the student passes all required courses and/or at the end of each term is deemed eligible by the Committee on Student Progress and Program Planning (CSPPP) to progress to the next academic level, completes 67% of their cumulative attempted credits, completes their degree within 150% of their four-year M.D. Degree Program, and passes USMLE Step 1 and 2CK exams. 

A student failing to make satisfactory academic progress is not eligible for federal Title IV and VII funds. 

The academic progress of each student is monitored and evaluated at the end of each term by the (CSPPP).  Students failing to make SAP will receive notification with instruction from Student Financial Services.  Warning alerts will be issued to students at appropriate intervals within terms exceeding more than 6 months.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Status
Good Standing: Student is meeting all SAP requirements and is eligible for federal aid. 
Warning: For a student previously in good standing, warning status occurs automatically at the end of a term when a student fails to meet SAP requirements. While on Warning, the student may receive financial aid for one enrollment period. At the end of that period, the student must be in good standing or may appeal to be put on a Probation status.
Fail: At the end of a warning term, a student is still failing to meet SAP requirements and is therefore not eligible to receive federal aid. The student may appeal to be put on probation.

Probation: The Student Progress Committee may assign a probation status to a student who has successfully appealed to be reinstated after failing to meet SAP requirements at the end of a term.  Submission of a written appeal is required. 

SAP Appeal must include causative factors, remedies and solutions, documentation of any mitigating circumstances and a signature from a faculty mentor or academic advisor confirming the existence of a written academic plan by which the student can complete their program and meet all SAP requirements. SAP appeals will be submitted to and reviewed by the university Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee who will respond directly to students with the results of the appeal.
Committee on Student Progress and Program Planning is comprised of faculty who will evaluate student performance.  This Committee reviews all transcripts, records, and reports to determine if the student has fulfilled all academic requirements and certifies the student’s eligibility for promotion to the succeeding year and graduation.

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