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Saint Louis University Medieval Studies Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in medieval studies is an interdisciplinary major focusing on the history of the medieval world. Students who pursue a B.A. in medieval studies at SLU work with one of the largest faculties of medieval and renaissance studies in North America.

Saint Louis University is home to experts in fields as diverse as Gothic architecture, Old French literature, Irish archaeology and the Crusades. SLU's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which offers conferences and speakers throughout the year, enriches the intellectual environment for medievalists and early modernists on campus and around the world.     

What You'll Learn in SLU's Medieval Studies Program

If you choose to major in medieval studies at SLU, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of the history, art, theology and philosophy of medieval Europe.

By your junior year, you will select your concentration areas within which you will take seminar-level courses. Graduates from SLU's medieval studies undergraduate program achieve Latin competency at the 210 level and will complete a capstone or internship. Students who major in medieval studies at SLU are encouraged to study abroad.

SLU also offers a minor in medieval studies that calls for a total of 21 credit hours of coursework, including a three-credit-hour Latin component and a two-credit-hour capstone course.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Medieval Studies from SLU?  

If you graduate with a degree in medieval studies from SLU, you will be prepared for a wide variety of jobs both inside and outside the academic realms. Medieval studies students at SLU can move on to advanced graduate studies in medieval fields and are admitted to competitive programs around the world. Other graduates choose to pursue further education in fields such as museum studies and archival studies.

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