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Saint Louis Univeristy Military Student Profiles


"I read my acceptance letter from Saint Louis University after one of my missions in Afghanistan."


"I am grateful to Saint Louis University for honoring my father's many sacrifices for our country by providing for and empowering his only daughter.

I would not be where I am in my education if not for the SLU VA's continued care and generosity."


"I chose Saint Louis University, and much like my decision to join the military, this choice has proven to be exceedingly rewarding.

Thanks to Saint Louis University's support and quality education, I look forward to the next stage of my life as college graduate."


"I was relieved to discover that SLU provided a flexible schedule, and that SLU counted my military training as credit hours. Those credit hours satisfied some prerequisite and elective requirements, which means I can spend less time in class and more time traveling."

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