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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Saint Louis University is committed to providing scholarship and financial aid programs to recognize academic excellence and to make a SLU education affordable.

For general financial questions:
Student Financial Services
DuBourg Hall, Room 121

Our financial aid programs include: need-based grants, loan programs, work opportunities and merit-based scholarships. Aid is available to eligible students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

For information about veterans benefits:
Office of the University
Registrar – Veterans Benefits
Jennifer Matteson
DuBourg Hall, Room 22
The Office of the University Registrar serves as a liaison between SLU veteran students and the VA. We assist student veterans with the processing of the VA forms required for educational benefits, advise student veterans concerning certain procedural requirements and certify the enrollment of SLU student veterans to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For information about the Yellow Ribbon Program:
Yellow Ribbon Program Jennifer Matteson
DuBourg Hall, Room 22
Saint Louis University is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and supplies 50% of the remaining unmet tuition & fee charges for up to 50 students.

For information about scholarships offered by Saint Louis University’s School for
Professional Studies:
SPS Scholarships 314-977-2330 The School for Professional Studies provides some scholarship opportunities to qualified undergraduate students, in addition to merit-based scholarships.

For cost calculators:
Student Financial Services – Cost Calculators
DuBourg Hall, Room 121
These tools can help give you an idea of what financing a Saint Louis University education would take for you.
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