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Welcome to the Saint Louis University Office for Mission and Identity


Chris Collins, S.J.
Chris Collins, S.J., will serve as the Assistant to the
President for Mission and Identity. Click here to hear
Collins speak about Catholic, Jesuit identity and mission. 

The purpose of this new office is to assist the president's office in ensuring that the principles and traditions of Catholic, Jesuit higher education, and the Mission and core values of Saint Louis University are integrated into operations, structures, programs and practices, and the formation of its students, faculty, staff, administration and board members with regard to Mission.

Father Christopher Collins, S.J., Assistant Professor of Theological Studies will provide executive-level leadership for fostering and promoting SLU's Catholic, Jesuit identity.

In his previous role as Director of SLU's Catholic Studies program, Father Collins has been actively involved in engaging the SLU community by developing a Mass and lecture series focused on topics around Catholic higher education. He also was co-coordinator of the committee that established the Billiken Teacher Corps, an innovative new program with the St. Louis Archdiocese that empowers SLU graduate students to teach at urban Catholic schools in the St. Louis area.

In addition, Father Collins is a member of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and was a core member of the strategic planning "SLU as Advocate for St. Louis" Topical Working Group.

To further its goals, Mission and Identity sponsors several programs, on and off campus, each dedicated to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the participants, and all in the Jesuit tradition.

Faculty, staff and students have numerous options as well, with mission programs, opportunities to present their own experiences and reflections, retreats and conferences year round.

Mission and Identity Programs

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Helping Our Own
  • Shared Vision: A three-part video and discussion series that explores the history of the Jesuits, the spirit and insights of their founder Ignatius Loyola and the guiding vision that animates Jesuit education in the third millennium.
  • Understanding the Ignatian Spirit: 
    • A series of seminars exploring what it means to Live, Grow in and Celebrate Ignatian spirituality and the spiritual life, presented by Paul Coutinho, SJ.

Other Faith and Service Programs

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