November 26, 2013


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John has worked at Saint Louis University for three years. Recently his wife sustained a serious injury and has been unable to work. She has exhausted her paid leave. While he's been able to keep up with most of the bills, they now owe rent for two months.

Trish has worked at SLU for more than ten years. Recently divorced, she moved closer to her family so they can help with her four children since she is seeking a second job to make ends meet. With the cost of the move, she is unable to pay her utility bills this month.

Sue has worked at SLU for four years. Her mother passed away last month. As an only child, Sue had to absorb the cost for her mother's burial since she had no life insurance. As a result, she is unable to pay her rent this month.

Life often leaves us facing an unexpected financial emergency. Where do you turn?

The Helping Our Own program was created 20 years ago and is funded by employee donations to assist employees facing an unexpected financial emergency. It's difficult to ask for help, but Helping Our Own was created to provide a one-time monetary gift to help the employee maintain the basics of life, such as keeping a roof overhead and keeping utilities in place. Sponsored by the Division of Mission and Ministry, the program is a very real, concrete way to put our University Mission in action by fostering a community concerned for one another and committed to serving those in need.

The Mission of Saint Louis University is the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity ... Thus begins the Saint Louis University Mission Statement. As members of this Catholic, Jesuit University, Helping Our Own is one way to put this mission in action. As an employee, faculty and staff can provide financial support to the program. Because of the generosity of the University community, the program has never had to turn away any employee with a request meeting the criteria for a gift. As part of living the University Mission, you can also refer an employee in need to the program for consideration for assistance.

We have been involved with Helping Our Own since it began. We are overwhelmed by the generous support employees have toward the program. The people seeking assistance are often facing unimaginable difficulties. Their perseverance is inspiring; their gratitude is heartfelt. As a community, we are able to provide assistance to them in their time of need yet enable them to hold on to their dignity and self-respect. During this season of Thanksgiving, we are thankful to you and for the response of the University community which enables us to provide cura personalis — care of the person.

— Mary Wells Moore and Cathy Zimmer
Helping Our Own Program

For additional information on the Helping Our Own program, visit the Mission and Ministry website. Mary Moore can be reached at 314-977-6008 and Cathy Zimmer can be reached at 314-977-2468.

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