August 22, 2014

MISSION MATTERS: One Vision, One Voice

Division of Mission and Ministry LogoAgain this year, the Division of Mission and Ministry will focus on developing and clarifying a common understanding of the fundamental tenets of our University Mission, a strategy best stated as One Vision ... One Voice ... Many Stories ... Our Story. We will work to develop a common language to articulate the rich Ignatian tradition at the heart and soul of Saint Louis University.

One Vision derives directly from the thoughts, words and traditions coming to us from St. Ignatius, generally from his Spiritual Exercises, a spiritual treasure, the touchstone for generations before us with even more richness and opportunities for us today.

One Voice denotes a common language true to Ignatius — not diluted, but deriving from the content and context he originally intended. It is meant to go beyond superficial language or taglines that may have developed throughout history, now perhaps stale and overused. With a more meaningful common understanding and language, the University Mission can become a lived part of every element of our lives and work together.

Obviously, the point of a common language is not simply the use of common words, but a way to build a common understanding of the University Mission, the only way we can unite in our common work. Our many stories are the stories of our lives together and reflect One Vision, One Voice day in and day out. Our personal stories illustrate the varied ways the Mission lives in all parts of our varied actions and lives, on and off campus.

Our objective is to establish a unifying language and understanding so we might regain the richness of our history and develop the contemporary meaning of our Mission. Our goal is that the Mission will not be an afterthought for our way of proceeding, a term with specific meaning for Ignatius, but that it will be a foundational part of our work, our interactions and our decisions at Saint Louis University. Understanding One Vision, speaking with One Voice, and telling our Many Stories will enliven the Mission throughout our University as our lives together develop Our Story as a University community.

As a division then, Mission and Ministry relies on a strong context for the text of our programming. 






Ignatius of Loyola

A common vocabulary,
a common language, shared meaning

Your stories become our stories…

OUR STORIES tell the story
of our University community.


SLU 101 devoted considerable time and energy in June, meeting incoming students and their families. At each meal, our students presented a part of the Mission, elaborating on it for the participants. These are their stories: what is your story ... your reflection, your history, your understanding of the Mission of SLU in your life?



Higher purpose. Greater good.
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