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MOCRA at 15 logoGood Friday
Good Friday exhibition strikes a "fine balance," says RFT
In the March 12-18, 2009, edition of the Riverfront Times, Jessica Baran describes several of the works in Good Friday as "visually evocative, spiritually direct and singularly personal."
     Read the review here.
St. Louis Magazine editor finds it is a "GOOD Friday," indeed
Jeannette Cooperman writes in a March 9, 2009, post on the St. Louis Magazine blog "Look/Listen" that she was reluctant to visit Good Friday on a sunny spring afternoon, but was surprised by stunning beauty and the "ultimate act of hope." 
     Read her comments here.
MOCRA Director appears on KDHX-FM's "Arts Interview"
MOCRA Director Terrence Dempsey, S.J. talked with Nancy Kranzberg, host of the KDHX (88.1 FM) radio program "Arts Interview," about the new MOCRA exhibition Good Friday in a program that aired on February 25, 2009.
     Hear the program here.
MOCRA Assistant Director appears on KWUR-FM's "Kemper Art Waves"
MOCRA Assistant Director David Brinker, talked with host John Launius of the the KWUR (90.3 FM) radio program "Kemper Art Waves,"* about MOCRA and the exhibition Good Friday.
     Access the "Kemper Art Waves" podcast on iTunes here.
     If you prefer to play the podcast directly in your browser, click here.

  * The "Kemper Art Waves" podcast has become "Saint Louis Art Map: On the Air."
     Learn more here.
Blogger reviews Good Friday
Writing in a May 21, 2009, post for the "Examiner" blog, Alicia Donathan reflects on a visit the MOCRA exhibition Good Friday.
     Read the blog post here.
MOCRA Assistant Director writes about the impact of Good Friday for visitors
An article by MOCRA Assistant Director David Brinker appeared in the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Aquinas Institute of Theology's Signatures magazine. "The Presence of God in Art" describes the power that MOCRA's Good Friday exhibition held for several groups who engaged the art as a form of theological reflection and prayer.
     Read the article here. The article begins on page 9 of the PDF file.

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Cosmic Tears logo
MOCRA Director and artist Michael Byron appear on "Saint Louis Art Map: On the Air"
MOCRA Director Terrence Dempsey, SJ, and artist Michael Byron talked with host John Launius of the "Saint Louis Art Map: On the Air" podcast about the exhibition Cosmic Tears.
     Access the "Saint Louis Art Map: On the Air" podcast on iTunes here.
     If you prefer to play the podcast directly in your browser, click here.
Cosmic Tears exhibition "invites philosophic discussion"
Reviewer Dickson Beall writes in the October 28 - November 10, 2009, edition of the West End Word that the Cosmic Tears works present "visual complexity in the material surface, ambiguity in figure/ground relationships, and mystery in meaning."
     Read the review here.
Cosmic Tears "meditates on the intricacy and immensity of the cosmos"
In the November 4-10, 2009, edition of the Riverfront Times, reviewer Jessica Baran suggests that "the experience of the work seems less about conclusive explanations or climactic revelations than about the contemplative rituals associated with that other profound mystery known as faith."
     Read the review here.
Cosmic Tears represents Byron's "most ambitious, most spiritually dense works" to date
Reviewer Ivy Cooper writes in the November 11, 2009, edition of the online journal St. Louis Beacon that Michael Byron's works speak in a "succinct yet powerful idiom" and "reward close looking."
     Read the review here. (You may need to scroll down to the review.)
Visiting New York art critic comments favorably on MOCRA and Cosmic Tears exhibition
Independent art critic and curator Joseph Wolin recently visited St. Louis for two weeks to assess the local visual arts scene as part of a collaborative project among the St. Louis Beacon, KETC/Channel 9, and St. Louis Public Radio | 90.7 (KWMU). During his appearance on the December 4, 2009, edition of the KWMU arts program "Cityscape," Wolin talked about how he visited MOCRA during his time in St. Louis. Remarking on the Cosmic Tears exhibition, he noted that "sometimes contemporary art does in fact have a spiritual dimension, and the context of MOCRA really is highlighting that." 
     Hear the "Cityscape" program here
     (The discussion of MOCRA begins at about 39:25.)

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