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MOCRA offers a free booklet of self-guided reflections on the art included in the MOCRA exhibition Good Friday: The Suffering Christ in Contemporary Art.
Reflecting on Good Friday cover For centuries Christians have observed the season of Lent as a time of preparation for Easter. Over time a rich body of devotional literature and practices has developed which believers can draw on to aid in their prayer and reflection. Visual imagery holds a significant place in this repertoire of prayer aids.
Drawing primarily on the MOCRA collection, the exhibition Good Friday considers the ways in which artists have explored the events of the day of Jesus' death in their work.
Partially inspired by the Stations of the Cross, we have identified six episodes which are reflected in the works in the Good Friday exhibition. For each of these episodes, in addition to a brief summary of the episode and its significance, we provide:
a list of artworks that relate to the episode, keyed to a diagram on the back cover showing the location of each work a reflection and reflection questions on one or two of those artworks
relevant passages from the Scriptures space for notes or journaling

  • Click here to download the booklet in PDF format (2.6MB).
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excerpt from Reflecting on Good Friday, © 2009, Museum of Contemporary Religious Art
(MOCRA), Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO. All rights reserved.

Group visits

While this booklet is designed for use by individuals, it can also be a helpful aid for groups that might want to meditate with the art individually, then come together to discuss the experience. MOCRA is happy to make arrangements for such group visits. For additional information, please contact the museum.

For more information about the exhibition Good Friday: The Suffering Christ in Contemporary Art, click here.

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