MOCRA: Past Exhibitions

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2015 Vast Bhutan: Images from the Phenomenal World - Photographs by Regina DeLuise

Painting Prayers: The Calligraphic Art of Salma Arastu
2014 Thresholds: MOCRA at 20, Part Two: The Second Decade

Rebecca Niederlander: Axis Mundi
2013 Jordan Eagles: BLOOD / SPIRIT

Thresholds: MOCRA at 20, Part One: The First Decade
2012 Archie Granot: The Papercut Haggadah

A Tribute to Frederick J. Brown

Patrick Graham: Thirty Years - The Silence Becomes the Painting
2011 Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre, the complete series of etchings

Adrian Kellard: The Learned Art of Compassion
2010 Good Friday: The Suffering Christ in Contemporary Art

James Rosen: The Artist and the Capable Observer
2009 MOCRA at Fifteen: Good Friday

Michael Byron: Cosmic Tears
2008 Miao Xiaochun: The Last Judgment in Cyberspace

MOCRA at Fifteen: Pursuit of the Spirit
2007 Oskar Fischinger: Movement and Spirit

The Celluloid Bible: Marketing Films Inspired by Scripture
2006 Gorky: The Early Years - Drawings and Paintings, 1927-1937

Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds
2005 Junko Chodos: The Breath of Consciousness

DoDo Jin Ming: Land and Sea
2004 Rito, Espejo y Ojo / Ritual, Mirror and Eye

Radiant Forms in Contemporary Sacred Architecture: Richard Meier & the Jubilee Church, Rome - Steven Holl & the Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle

Daniel Ramirez - Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus: An Homage to Olivier Messiaen
2003 Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre, the complete series of etchings

Avoda: Objects of the Spirit
2002 The Greater Good: An Artist's Contemporary View of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Andy Warhol's "Silver Clouds": An Encore Presentation
2001 Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds
2000 Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre, the complete series of etchings

Lewis deSoto: Paranirvana

Robert Farber: A Retrospective, 1985-1995
1999 Bernard Maisner: Entrance to the Scriptorium
1998 Tobi Kahn: Metamorphoses

MOCRA: The First Five Years
1997 Steven Heilmer: Pietre Sante

Utopia Body Paint: Art from Australia's Central Desert

Manfred Stumpf: Enter Jerusalem
1996 Frederick J. Brown: The Life of Christ Altarpiece

Edward Boccia: Eye of the Painter

Consecrations Revisited
1995 Keith Haring: Altarpiece: The Life of Christ

Ian Friend: The Edge of Belief

Eleanor Dickinson: A Retrospective
1994 Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre, the complete series of etchings

Post-Minimalism and the Spiritual: Four Chicago Artists

Consecrations: The Spiritual in Art in the Time of AIDS
1993 Sanctuaries: Recovering the Holy in Contemporary Art

Body and Soul: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
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