Offering treatment for Parkinson's disease, tremors, Huntington's disease and other movement disorders

People of all ages can be affected by movement disorders — medical conditions that produce uncontrolled movements, impacting quality of life and function in daily activities.

Movement disorders are caused by a variety of complex neurological conditions. Understanding and treating those conditions effectively takes a team of experts dedicated to clinical research and the latest advances in care.

At SLUCare, our movement disorders team includes a neurologist, neurosurgeon, neuropsychologist, nurse specialist, speech therapist and social worker. When needed, we draw upon the expertise of other SLUCare providers, such as swallowing specialists, gastroenterologists or genetic counselors.

Through this combined expertise, SLUCare Movement Disorders Center is able to offer a higher level of care for patients with hard-to-control symptoms — individuals who may have difficulty finding treatment elsewhere. Since our movement disorders specialists are actively involved in clinical research, we are able to offer the newest and most advanced treatment options, including botulinum toxin therapy, continuous levodopa infusion therapy, and deep brain stimulation.

SLUCare movement disorders specialists diagnose and treat:

Your team will carefully evaluate your condition, explain your diagnosis and discuss your treatment options. We work closely with you and your family to establish strong, trusting relationships, so that you receive the kind of personalized, professional care we would want for ourselves and our own families.  

Our Movement Disorders Specialists

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