The St. Louis Regional MEG Center’s MEG Unit is available at the new regional center at Saint Louis University. The MEG, which stands for Magnetoencephalography, offers SLUCare physicians a state-of-the-art tool in the fight against brain cancer and epilepsy, allowing for a completely non-invasive examination.

What is MEG?

    MEG allows neurosurgeons and neurologists to:
  • Visualize neurological function and measure brain activity in real time
  • Identify both normal and abnormal functions of brain structures
  • Map exact location of areas important for normal functioning to ensure preservation of these critical areas during surgery
  • Conduct repeat tests without adverse effects
    MEG provides epileptologists with information to:

  • Determine the appropriateness of surgery in epilepsy in patients whose seizures cannot be controlled by drug therapy
  • Detect potential sources of seizures by revealing the exact location of the abnormalities
  • Establish whether the sources of epileptic activity are located in regions which, if resected, would result in an unacceptable deficit
  • Plan the optimum placement of invasive electrodes, if necessary

This new technology provides invaluable information for treatment planning and offers a new avenue for both patient diagnosis and research efforts.

For more information about the MEG at Saint Louis University, call the Physician Access Line at 1-800-637-5463.