Saint Louis University

The St. Louis Regional MEG Center’s MEG Unit is available at the new regional center at Saint Louis University. The MEG, which stands for Magnetoencephalography, offers SLUCare physicians a state-of-the-art tool in the fight against brain cancer and epilepsy, allowing for a completely non-invasive examination.

What is MEG?

    MEG allows neurosurgeons and neurologists to:
  • Visualize neurological function and measure brain activity in real time
  • Identify both normal and abnormal functions of brain structures
  • Map exact location of areas important for normal functioning to ensure preservation of these critical areas during surgery
  • Conduct repeat tests without adverse effects
    MEG provides epileptologists with information to:

  • Determine the appropriateness of surgery in epilepsy in patients whose seizures cannot be controlled by drug therapy
  • Detect potential sources of seizures by revealing the exact location of the abnormalities
  • Establish whether the sources of epileptic activity are located in regions which, if resected, would result in an unacceptable deficit
  • Plan the optimum placement of invasive electrodes, if necessary

This new technology provides invaluable information for treatment planning and offers a new avenue for both patient diagnosis and research efforts.

For more information about the MEG at Saint Louis University, call the Physician Access Line at 1-800-637-5463.