May 11, 2012
Jennifer Hasamear

BOLD Scholarship Recipients Network with Boeing Professionals

2012 Bold Scholars
BOLD Scholarship recipients also had the opportunity to tour the Boeing F-18 plant as part of the scholarship program. Submitted photo

On Tuesday, recipients of the Boeing BOLD scholarship showcased projects completed in classes or through service-oriented organizations at the scholarship program's annual luncheon with Boeing and University staff.

The Boeing BOLD (Boeing Opportunity for Leadership Development) Scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for The Boeing Company to select and mentor Saint Louis University students to become the next leaders in the global workforce.

BOLD scholarships are available to students, majoring in either business, engineering, mathematics or computer science, who also have declared a secondary major, minor or certificate in another of the above four areas.

"This helps to promote a field—computer science—where there are not enough graduates to fill available jobs," said Nicholas Brown, a sophomore majoring in computer science in the College of Arts and Sciences. "The program is a nice way to introduce physics and computer science majors to a company where they could potentially work some day."

Student recipients must also have the potential to make a significant contribution to the University's goal of providing a culturally, professionally and ethnically diverse learning environment. Several recipients have gone onto becoming Boeing employees after leaving Saint Louis University.

"This is such a great program," said Julie Courtois, college recruiter and intern coordinator with Boeing. "The BOLD program provides students with great opportunities to do incredible things."

In April, many of the recipients also attended a tour of the Boeing F-18 facility in St. Louis and were given the opportunity to ask questions of Boeing professionals working in various departments.

"This program gives students the ability to see the actual manufacturing plant," said Keegan Faudree, a junior double majoring in mechanical engineering and finance. "We get to see what we're learning about in the classroom."

Thanh Truong, a senior majoring in accounting at the John Cook School of Business, was a first time recipient of the BOLD scholarship this year.

"I like how the scholarship program is extended to schools other than just Parks," Truong said. "The tour of the facility gave us a chance to see how business relates to Boeing and its operations."

The 2012 Boeing BOLD Scholars are:

College of Arts and Sciences:
Nicholas Brown
Michael Wagner
Wesley Gardner
Jonathan Pilla
Steven Neuenhahn
Jordan Wisch
Michael Schaddel
John Dulle
Beth Winkeler
Erin Kofron

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology:
Jonathan Steenbergen
Matthew Satcher
Gauri Nijsure
Gayatri Nijsure
Catherine Mollmann
Darion Mayhorn
Kevin Keadle
Christopher (Keegan) Faudree
Zlatomira Atanasova
Aaron Selsor

John Cook School of Business:
Rachel Campbell
Charles Chau
Kelsey Coleman
Daniel Farmer
Caryle Kliesner
Alexandra Pavlishin
Maurice Roper
Steve Shin
Thanh Truong
Tyler Vachio

Learn more about College of Arts and SciencesParks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology and the John Cook School of Business online at each school's website.

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