September 27, 2013
Joseph Moore

Clinical Laboratory Sciences Welcomes DeNardo Education and Research Foundation

The DeNardo Education and Research Foundation awarded a $148,300 grant to the department to fund 10 undergraduate research scholarships.

DeNardos and researchers
From left: Uthay Ezekiel, Ph.D.; Rita Heuertz, Ph.D.; Marco Rossi; Amanda Montgomery; Monica Stumpf; Shan Shan Tam; Joe Behrens; Gerald DeNardo, M.D.; Nicholas Temofeew, Sally DeNardo, M.D.; Kenn Vattatharra; Tim R. Randolph, Ph.D.; Connor Mullen. Submitted photo

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Science welcomed a visit by Sally DeNardo, M.D., and Gerald DeNardo, M.D., principles of the DeNardo Education and Research Foundation on Sept. 17.

The DeNardo's toured research labs; met with faculty and staff of Doisy College of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine; and with students who have been awarded the DeNardo Undergraduate Student Research Fellowships.

The DeNardo Education and Research Foundation awarded a grant of $148,300 to the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science to fund research scholarships to 10 undergraduate students each year. Grant funds also include the purchase of research supplies and attendance at conferences to present findings for each of the scholarship recipients.

The 2013 Research Fellows are:

  • Joe Behrens, biomedical engineering
  • Rajat Duggirala, health management
  • James Fabiszak, investigative and medical science
  • Amanda Montgomery, nutrition and dietetics
  • Connor Mullen, biomedical engineering
  • Marco Rossi, clinical laboratory science
  • Rhena Singh, clinical laboratory science
  • Monica Stumpf, clinical laboratory science
  • Kenn Vattathara, investigative and medical science
  • Tim Zellmer, investigative and medical science

The 2013 Alternate Research Fellows are:

  • Nidhi Gandhi, biochemistry
  • John Korducki, investigative and medical science
  • Shan Shan Tam, cytotechnology
  • Nikolina Golob, investigative and medical science
  • Nicholas Temofeew, biomedical engineering
  • Roger Perkey, cytotechnology
  • Sharul Saxena, biology

Over the course of the next year, the selected students will work in the lab of one of three clinical laboratory science faculty members who study cancer or related topics:

  • Uthayashanker Ezekiel, Ph.D., assistant professor and grant principal investigator, studies how phytochemicals can prevent and treat cancer.
  • Rita Heuertz, Ph.D., professor, studies bacterial biofilms, which are colonies of microorganisms that stick together on surfaces, function as a unit and disperse to distant sites, as a model to study cancer progression.
  • Tim Randolph, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the department of clinical laboratory science, is developing precise, simple and low-cost test methods designed for resource-poor countries to diagnose diseases that include blood cancers and sickle cell.

The grant from the DeNardo Foundation also funds a health science research symposium and a lectureship, which showcases the students' research results and gives them the chance to meet an invited high profile guest scientist, whom they have chosen.

Sally DeNardo, M.D., and Gerald DeNardo, M.D., both hold the title professor emeritus of internal medicine at University of California-Davis where they were faculty since the 1970s. They established an international reputation for their work in the field of radioimmunotherapy and developing new techniques to deliver drugs in cancer treatment. In 2000, the DeNardo's won the Benedict Cassen Prize from the Society of Nuclear Medicine for their work.

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