December 17, 2013

Facilities Services Lights the Way to Savings

By installing a new LED nativity at the Medical Center, Facilities has saved the University 3,998.4 kilowatt-hours and nearly $700.

LED Nativity Scene
The LED-nativity scene located at the SLU Medical Center. Submitted photo

'Tis the season for energy efficiency thanks to Facilities Services. This year, the Nativity Scene located at the Medical Center has been redesigned using LED lights instead of the traditional incandescent lights. The installation of the Nativity Scene was conducted entirely by the Facilities Management maintenance employees.

The Nativity Scene is composed of 2,526 C7 LED lights, which uses 2,425 watts versus the traditional incandescent lights that used 12,630 watts.

With this new design, the LED lights only draw 19.4 kilowatt-hours of energy each night compared to the 101 KWh of energy that the traditional incandescent lights used. That's an energy savings of 81.6 KWh each night.

In operation, the incandescent lights would have cost $347 for the seven-week period. In comparison, the new LED light only cost $70 for the same seven-week period for a savings of $277.

An added bonus is that LED lights are nearly indestructible and can survive drops and falls. Incandescent lights are very fragile and numerous bulbs would have to be replaced due to breakage during installation, breakdown and storage of the Nativity Scene.

For more information about SLU's LED Christmas Tree, visit the news section on the Facilities Services website.

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