February 07, 2013
Danielle Lacey

University Rolls Out New Branding Campaign

The new initiative "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." was created with input from leaders and stakeholders from the University community.

Saint Louis University has a new tagline that speaks to all of the things that make SLU special: its outstanding academics, faith, service and history.

"Higher purpose. Greater good." is the theme of a new branding initiative for the entire University. SLU has launched an advertising campaign to support the new brand identity.


"This branding helps position and differentiate Saint Louis University in a substantial way," said Mary Ann Grillo, director of University Marketing. "The goal is to provide long-term brand value for the University."

The initiative was developed with input from University faculty, staff, students, administrators, trustees and alumni.

Participants in the development of the branding represented numerous divisions from around the University, including Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Mission and Ministry, Enrollment and Retention Management, and Student Development.

Paul Stark, S.J., vice president for Mission and Ministry, said the phrase "higher purpose, greater good" goes far beyond just a tagline.

"This phrase succinctly aligns the Jesuit mission today of the service of faith and the promotion of justice with our University mission of the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity, from the original vision of Ignatius of Loyola," Stark said.

James Fisher, Ph.D., an associate professor of marketing - who shared his expertise during the planning process - said branding is one of the great innovations of the past 100 years.

"Brands have become synonymous with a system of identity, meaning and value. If your product doesn't stand out in from the crowd, people aren't going to pay more for it," he said. "Private education is different from public education. Private, Catholic education is different, and Jesuit education is different. So what we're trying to do is show people what we offer here is something they might value."

The new branding debuted in November with an advertising campaign that has included highway billboards in the St. Louis market, radio ads on KMOX, KWMU and The Arch, as well as print ads in the St. Louis Business Journal, St. Louis Review and Playbill at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Sports fans in St. Louis can find commercials featuring the new campaign during televised Billiken Basketball games as well as on ESPN Radio.

Grillo noted that the new branding will not replace other campaigns such as the undergraduate recruitment effort "Be A Billiken" or the School for Professional Studies' "SLU for Busy Adults."

"This initiative serves as an overarching brand for the entire University that supports and solidifies those individual campaigns," she said. "It will also help to introduce SLU in new areas where the University is not well known."

The branding isn't limited to advertising. It is a fully integrated effort that includes the University's logo, website and more.

Information about the initiative has been shared with marketing and communications staff from various academic units and programs.

Print, radio and television spots of the new campaign, as well as boilerplate and University logo downloads, are available to view at the Office of Marketing and Communications website.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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