Saint Louis University

Students outside Icing on the Cake Day tent
Students gathered on the quad in front of DuBourg Hall for cake and to leave messages of thanks for donors on March 2. The date was selected because it is the symbolic date when tuition runs out and donor money covers students' education cost. Submitted photo

Students swarmed the quad near DuBourg Hall on Friday, March 2, for a chance to participate in "Icing on the Cake Day" and thank Saint Louis University donors.

"We had heard that other schools had hosted events to recognize donor support," said Danielle Huster, co-chair of the Class Legacy Program. "So we wanted to do something to show our gratitude. We started throwing around ideas and then it grew into Icing on the Cake Day."

Why March 2? This is the symbolic day in which tuition dollars are exhausted and donor support kicks in to make the remainder of the academic year possible. Tuition only covers 73 percent of what it costs to educate one student. Donor support helps to supplement the remaining 27 percent.

"Since donors help support tuition for students, they are the icing on the cake of our SLU experience," said Huster, a sophomore.

To celebrate generosity, students were treated to a piece of cake for signing a huge "thank you" card and many even took a moment to send a personal message to donors via video or email.

Through the course of the three-hour event, nearly 500 pieces of cake were handed out and the card became a rainbow of signatures and messages from students.

The week prior to the event, coordinators used teaser signs and cards to intrigue students and peak their curiosity, said Laverne Robinson, assistant director of Annual Giving Programs.

"We were finding that it generated interest just having the signs around campus and that people were asking questions," Robinson said. "It was a hugely successful event that we hope to continue doing for years to come. Any time we can give our students the opportunity to thank our donors, it makes them more aware and appreciative of what our donors do in order to help them receive a SLU education."

Lubeley's Bakery and Fresh Gatherings Bakery donated cake for the event. Also for signing the card, students received a coupon to several local businesses offering discounts for that Friday only to help celebrate generosity. Discounts were offered by Bean, Crave, Humphrey's Restaurant and Tavern, Pickleman's and Flying Cow. Also as part of the SLU basket of goodies raffled that day was a gift certificate for six cupcakes from The Cup.

The Class Legacy Program and the Department of Annual Giving Programs sponsored Icing on the Cake Day.