April 11, 2012
Danielle Lacey

Hotel Ignacio: One Year Later

Hotel Ignacio has made some impressive achievements in the short year it's been open. The boutique hotel, which opened for guests April 7, 2011, has garnered local and national attention for its style and charm.

"It's fun to look at where we are now compared to where we were last year," said Rachel Crowley, director of sales at Hotel Ignacio. According to Crowley, Hotel Ignacio has established a strong base in the bridal community, with the hotel frequently being booked up on weekends with large wedding parties.

Ignacio Lobby
Hotel Ignacio was converted to a hotel from a factory built in 1910 for the Morgens Brothers cleaning and dyeing company. Photo by Steve Dolan

Crowley's observations are rather fitting, considering that early this year About.com named Hotel Ignacio one of 2012's Best New Romantic Hotels in its online honeymoon planning guide. About.com is produced by The New York Times and reaches millions of readers each month.

About.com called the hotel a "smart and modern" choice for Midwestern couples looking for a "hotel that attracts the coolest people between two coasts."

Staff at Hotel Ignacio are working to continue to strengthen the hotel's image in the local market, Crowley added.

"University business has been fantastic and has brought some very distinguished guests to the hotel," she said. "Because we're not a hotel with a brand, awareness is always going to be our best ally." Crowley hopes that as word of Hotel Ignacio's impact in Midtown spreads, St. Louis residents will begin to refer the hotel to visitors and friends.

Hotel Ignacio guest room
Each guest room at Hotel Ignacio features an Avaya media hub, flat-screen TV and premium bamboo sheets and towels. Photo by Steve Dola

And the city itself has already taken notice. Hotel Ignacio was named a "Development of the Year" by the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Development Corp. The project was one of only five chosen by city officials as top developments "that most dramatically convert a catalytic vision for the city into bricks and mortar."

The Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc., also named it one of their 11 Most Enhanced Places, saying that there was no doubt the hotel "will have lasting benefits for Grand Center and the Locust Business District, as well as providing a memorable hotel experience for SLU students and parents in the immediate vicinity of the University."

Designed by the Lawrence Group, an award-winning building design firm, each of Hotel Ignacio's 49 rooms and two suites feature one of four unique arts-inspired themes—fine art, performing arts, architecture and music—designed to reflect the fine arts center that Midtown St. Louis has become. It is one of only six hotels in the nation to offer the innovative Avaya media hub in each room. Other luxury amenities include Temper-Pedic beds, flat screen TVs and a popular in-house tapas bar, Café Pintxos.

Learn more about Hotel Ignacio by visiting www.hotelignaciostl.com or calling 314-977-4411.

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