October 20, 2012
Nicole Germain

iScholars Program Welcomes 15 Engineering Students

Group shot of the new members of the iScholars program.
Front row, from left to right, are Becky Mitrovich, Emily Hart, Mary Jennerjohn, Katie Healy, Brittany Kendrick and Kendra Patton.
Back row, from left to right, are Keegan Faudree, Ryan McNeely, Richard Henry, Jonathan Steenbergen, Jake Laktas and Jacob Howenstein.
Not pictured are Yolatl Ruiz de Gordoa, Brian Kovarik and Ross Santee.

The iScholars (innovation scholars) Program at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology has selected 15 engineering students for the 2012-2013 school year.

iScholars, a student-led initiative, engage in different roles and activities such as community outreach, innovation leadership and design projects. Students are required to work 10 hours per week to promote the entrepreneurial mindset across campus. Participants are selected through an application and interview process from a highly competitive field.

"One of the reasons I enjoy being a part of iScholars is the opportunity to participate in various creative outlets outside the classroom," said Becky Mitrovich, a senior civil engineering student. "I get the chance to interact with other students that have unique ways of thinking, and this has helped me to become more innovative myself."

The Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) sponsors the iScholars Program. Sri Condoor, Ph.D., an aerospace and mechanical engineering professor and the driving force behind KEEN for Saint Louis University says this is a chance for the students to learn by leading others.

"iScholars are innovative students changing the landscape of engineering education by bringing new thoughts, creating meaningful collaboration, and taking concrete action," Condoor said.

For more information on the iScholars Program, visit the Parks College website.

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