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SLU School of Law Legal ClinicsSchool of Law Legal Clinics students, serving as part of a legal team, won final approval to a federal class-action lawsuit settlement that promises to significantly improve the mental health services that the state of Missouri provides to deaf Missourians.

The settlement affects more than a thousand deaf Missourians who will now have greater availability of qualified interpreters and new standards of care for mental health treatment.

Legal Clinic students who assisted in the case included Megan Holloway, a 2011 graduate, who traveled to Jefferson City, Mo., for numerous hearings, deposed some of the witnesses in the case and reviewed medical records; and Samantha Mabry, a 2012 graduate, who assisted in the negotiations to resolve the case and in drafting the settlement agreement. The students were supervised by John Ammann, J.D., director of the SLU Legal Clinics and professor of law.

About the SLU Legal Clinics

Students in the Legal Clinics handle hundreds of cases every year that profoundly impact the community—thousands of lives are forever changed by the work and dedication of the School of Law Legal Clinics.

The mission of the Legal Clinics is to offer each Clinic student a bridge from the knowledge and principles instilled in the classroom to the effective, ethical and conscientious practice of law.